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Chris Press | 2004

On December 28, 2003, Chris Reyes went on air with El Paso's HERO Radio 94.7 and debuted his single "In the Moment." The best feature of this show are the hosts Marina and Ted. They are in tune with the music scene both locally and nationally, as well as being really cool. Chris Reyes talked briefly about the RocK ReIssuE Vol. I and his influences as well.
Listen to the entire Chris Reyes radio interview by clicking here.

El Paso Times On-Line posted a section introducing Chris Reyes to El Paso Times readers on their "Openmic" website.
Visit www.elpasotimes.com/openmic.

Chris Reyes
Singer Chris Reyes has fronted several bands in El Paso including Ratboy, Debris, and FacedDown. With Dave Volk as his producer, Reyes has rediscovered his writing talents and has crafted two amazing new hits to be featured on The RocK ReIssuE Vol. I. Reyes then got twelve songs together and released "Elevator Music."

The first song that the duo recorded together was Reyes' "Lost in the Moment," a deeply personal account of Reyes' inner thoughts as he enters different levels of the night. The vocal style of this track is similar to some sounds found on early Radiohead albums.

The second recorded track is called "Breathe," which has a considerable more amount of production around Reyes' huge vocal hooks. This song has a sort of Jane's Addiction vibe to it. The newest song written by Reyes titled "Last Days" has a deep, somber feel to it.

The emotion behind Reyes' delivery is as potent as ever. This artist will continue to write and record songs throughout 2004, and anticipates the release of his first full length sometime in Spring 2005.

Now Reyes has relocated to Phoenix for continue his music career and be based in the nerve center of Bordertown Records.

Purchase the new double Reyes EP called "Elevator Music" on www.bordertownrecords.com.

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