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The Artists Featured on The Rock ReIssuE Vol. I:

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Rune Jack Bonner Snowroad Faced Down

The combination of excellent music, a driving force, and
inspired lyrics gives Rune the new sound of an old
tradition of Rock n' Roll.
San Antonio, TX


A strong voice, powerful range, and ingenuously crafted hooks for both vocal and guitar are Jack Bonner’s main talents. His first solo release called "Greyhound" was specifically produced for the Bordertown compilation record.
San Antonio, TX

Snowroad is a rock act whose regional success has been made possible through recent regional touring and hit songs like “Because of You” and “Battle of Angels.”
Las Cruces, NM


Faced Down is a Texas quartet with a mix of classic and modern influences to produce a sound that is hot, rockin’, and sweeter then hell.
El Paso, TX


Structure Leos Invention Chris Reyes Lylah

Structure is a hard-hitting rock band with an uncanny melodic edge whose sound is hallmarked by intense guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and smooth vocals.
San Antonio, TX


Leos Invention is a high energy, alt-rock band that has secured fans across the country via a recent national tour to support their new album, “The Way Things are Today.”
Tempe, AZ


Chris Reyes is a rock singer/songwriter whose highly personal lyrics are the driving force for the unique blend of experimental acoustic rock that became the combined efforts of himself and Bordertown Records producers.
El Paso, TX

Lylah’s “Dream Rock” sound has taken them to stages nationwide, including live appearances with Evanescence and on Van’s Warped Tour.
El Paso, TX


Grey Ghost Marc Sauceda Dave Volk Ology

Grey Ghost’s songs are the soundtrack for binge-drinking, college rock n roll that is the perfect background music for that Friday night keg-stand.
San Antonio, TX


Marc, a well accomplished and highly versatile guitarist, has created a sound hallmarked by an oddly harmonious combination of classic guitar tone with a fresh Tom Petty-like vocal approach.
El Paso, TX


Dave has taken some time off working
double duty as a drummer and vocalist to write new material with a fresh acoustic sound, accompanied by a strong and
raw yet melodic vocal style.
Phoenix, AZ


Ology is a hard rock band whose killer set of grooves and latin flavor has been embraced by the Texas rock scene.
San Antonio, TX