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The members of ARCHER AVENUE met in the San Antonio, Texas music scene. Lead guitarist Marc Sauceda and drummer Dave Volk had grown up playing music together in El Paso, TX playing in various bands and side projects together. Both guys moved to San Antonio, TX in 1999 to pursue school and other interests. The two formed the Texas rock band Face Down and spent the next 4 years playing the Texas club circuit.

Lead singer Jack Bonner (formerly of the band Grey Ghost) met up with Dave and Marc at the first ever Face Down show at Medieval Knights in San Antonio (2002).  The three met and eventually began to share the stage together. Jack even enlisted Dave to produce his band's first demo. It was at that time that Dave first heard Jack's amazing songwriting and performing capabilities.

Bassist Steve de la Cruz spent his time performing with many different groups in the San Antonio (Psycho Plague, Violet Trip, Desdemona, Minister Fiend). It was at a Face Down show at the White Rabbit opening for Outspoken where Steve and Marc first met and the guys from Face Down soon realized they had been in crowds at many shows Steve had played over the years.

In 2003, Jack Bonner and his group parted ways, and Face Down disbanded soon thereafter. The boys without bands decided to enter Keith Krouse's studio to record the Jack Bonner song "Greyhound." A solo, side project for Jack soon turned into the makings of a brand new band. Before they knew it, the trio called upon Steve de la Cruz to record the EP "Left of the Dial." The new group took on the name "The Radio One" and set out on a Southwest US tour in support of the EP. "The Radio One" has now official changed its name to ARCHER AVENUE!

The cohesion behind ARCHER AVENUE comes from the mere fact that each member was and is a fan of every other member in the band. Marc and Dave went to Jack's shows. Jack was front row at every Face Down show. Steve had three future bandmates at various shows of his without even knowing it.

For those who must know, our sound is essentially a rock and roll band with emo/indie vocals.

The band is currently demo-ing songs for its first full length record to be recorded and produced in June 2005. The band has enlisted the best producers on this project imaginable. Believe me, ARCHER AVENUE is gonna make some serious noise in 2005.

To be continued...................