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The Vision behind Bordertown Records is to create a record label that protects their artists with a sense of camaraderie that only comes from musicianship. The Bordertown name comes from the idea of creating a label that features artists whose music spans across genres, particularly bordering college rock and adult contemporary pop. The artists, music, and label will be targeted towards college and young adult pop/rock and roll fans. We hope to pay tribute to the greats of the past while signing artists with a refreshing, modern sound. Our main focus is exposure for good music through compilation CD's that we have recently become known for. BTR also specializes in producing fresh, new solo acts and taking them from the living room to the stage.

To release quality records and compilations.

To sign a small number of quality acts.

To feature these acts on Bordertown Records compilation CDs.

To distribute these CDs to record stores and a large number of college, indy, and other radio stations.

To secure solid radio play of these artists.

To collect royalties from the playing of songs from radio and live performance.

To secure sponsorship for the artists.

To book shows featuring these artists for top dollar.

To attempt to secure a distribution and/or record deal with an established indy, minor, or major label.














The idea for Bordertown Records came from a record deal I was offered myself (see below), says Volk. I felt uneasy about the entire process and felt the expectations of the label exceeded the needs of our band. I thought to myself, I would go about this deal completely different, in that, I would accommodate the artists so their loyalty would be earned. The deal we were offered was turned down for professional and personal reasons of mine, but I felt a longing to be associated with a legitimate music company. So I formed my own label, doing things my way; much like when I was a budding musician at age 13. I could not find a drummer, so I became one. Since then I have played a countless number of live shows, and in the process been screwed out of money, opportunities, etc. along the way. Bordertown Records is going to treat their artists with a personal integrity much like the lawyer/client relationship I am learning about. Bordertown Records is an innovative, exciting way for unsigned artists to make their first step towards achieving their goals; I will work extra hard to get their careers started because to legitimize Bordertown Records is my goal."


David Volk, President and CEO of Bordertown Records, has received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Between 2003 and 2006, Volk is attending Arizona State College of Law to receive his Juris Doctor law degree. The combination of these two academic degrees will allow Volk to handle artist development as well protect them from the ugly side of the music business. Volk is pursuing a career in entertainment law, specializing in contract negotiation and mediation/arbitration.


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